Calvin Kicked Out As Minister

On Today in Church His-Story (Episode 18) we explore the events surrounding what occurred on a Tuesday following Easter Sunday, 1538. The greatest of all the Reformers, John Calvin, was fired as minister in Geneva along with fellow minister William Farel. Many have blamed Calvin for his stubbornness, inability to work with people, and desire for power as the reasons for his expulsion. In this podcast, those myths are debunked. Ten reasons are provided for Calvin’s eventual dismissal. These reasons reveal that there were forces outside of Calvin’s control that led to his banishment. His subsequent return to Geneva three years later was an admittance by the town council and people, in part, that Calvin had not been guilty of any serious sin or ineptitude during his first attempt at reform in Geneva. Calvin simply desired strict adherence to Scripture, along with the joint pursuit of church purity by the other ministers and town council.