Faithful Flavel: Preacher of the Woods

On Today in Church His-Story (Episode 26) we take a look at John Flavel, one of the most faithful non-conforming English Puritans. He died on June 26, 1691 after many years of battle-hardened service to King Jesus. This man was willing to do whatever was necessary to fulfill his calling to preach the Word. Whether preaching on soon to be submerged islands, in the woods, or in private homes, Flavel was relentless in his quest to feed his flock with the Scriptures. He ran from the authorities, sometimes disguising himself, in order to finish sermons he had already started before being broken up by the king’s soldiers. Flavel demonstrates the one word that must mark every minister–faithful. He was faithful to the Word, faithful to the people he pastored, and faithful to his Lord. May God graciously give us more men who are marked by conviction, not compromise! Flavel demonstrates both convictions preached and lived out.

For more details on John Flavel, read John Flavel’s Unflagging Commitment to Preaching